Elijah 2017 Spring Concert

May 20, 2017 @ 8:00 PM Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall

The Athens Master Chorale cordially invites you to experience a beautiful compilation of great music from prestigious composers. Come and hear in Hugh Hodgson Concert Hall on Saturday, May 20 at 8:00 pm. We passionately devote our energy to prepare and present these magnificent gems of classical music.

Concert Program

Composition Composer

Part I

Introduction (Elijah): As God the Lord of Israel liveth Felix Mendelssohn
Overture Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus (The People): Help, Lord! Wilt Thou quite destroy us? Felix Mendelssohn
Duet and Chorus (The People, Two Women): Lord, bow Thine ear to our prayer! Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Obadiah): Ye people, rend your hearts Felix Mendelssohn
Aria (Obadiah): “If with all your hearts ye truly seek me” Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus (The People): Yet doth the Lord see it not Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (An Angel): Elijah! Get thee hence Felix Mendelssohn
Double Quartet (Angels): For He shall give His angels Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (An Angel): Now Cherith’s brook is dried up, Elijah. Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative, Air, and Duet (The Widow and Elijah): What have I to do with thee Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus: Blessed are the men who fear Him Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Elijah and King Ahab) and Chorus: As God the Lord of Sabaoth liveth Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus (Priests of Baal): Baal, we cry to thee Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Elijah) and Chorus (Priests of Baal): Call him louder! For he is a god Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Elijah) and Chorus (Priests of Baal): Call him louder! He heareth not Felix Mendelssohn
Aria (Elijah): Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel Felix Mendelssohn
Quartet (Angels): Cast thy burden upon the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Elijah) and Chorus (The People): O Thou who maketh Thine angels spirits Felix Mendelssohn
Aria (Elijah): Is not His word like a fire Felix Mendelssohn
Arioso (Alto): Woe unto them who forsake Him! Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Obadiah, Elijah, The Boy) and Chorus (The People): O man of God, help thy people! Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus (The People): Thanks be to God Felix Mendelssohn

Part II

Aria (Soprano): Hear ye, Israel; hear what the Lord speaketh Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus: “Be not afraid,” saith God the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Elijah and The Queen) and Chorus: The Lord hath exalted thee Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus: Woe to him! He shall perish Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Elijah and Obadiah): Man of God, now let my words Felix Mendelssohn
Aria (Elijah): It is enough! Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Tenor): See now, he sleepeth beneath a juniper tree Felix Mendelssohn
Trio (Angels): Lift thine eyes Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus (Angels): He, watching over Israel Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (The Angel and Elijah): Arise, Elijah Felix Mendelssohn
Aria (The Angel): O rest in the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus: He that shall endure to the end Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (The Angel and Elijah): Night falleth round me Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus: Behold, God the Lord passed by! Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Contralto): Above Him stood the seraphim / Quartet and Chorus (Angels): Holy is God the Lord Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Elijah) and Chorus: Go, return upon thy way Felix Mendelssohn
Arioso (Elijah): For the mountains shall depart Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus: Then did Elijah the prophet break forth Felix Mendelssohn
Aria (Tenor): Then shall the righteous shine forth Felix Mendelssohn
Recitative (Soprano): Behold, God hath sent Elijah the prophet Felix Mendelssohn
Chorus: But the Lord from the north hath raised one / Quartet: O come every one that thirsteth Felix Mendelssohn
Final Chorus: And then, then shall your light break forth Felix Mendelssohn